Monday, October 31, 2005

Christmas Pudding Hat

Hi Angels,

Just to let you know my Xmas Pud Hat pattern is now available on the Children's Society website. You can find it here
Look out for more Xmas patterns next week.
You can access my online photo album from these pages or go to:
Erssie Knits
See you tomorrow. Erssie

Friday, October 28, 2005

Children's Society Again

As I said before the Children's Society are still looking for Xmas knitting patterns, especially decorations. Get listed as a supporter if you have a logo or have a link back to your website/blog page It's good practice if you've never written out a formal pattern before. 1000 people have registered to knit, plus more browsing through the patterns. I'm doing it 'cos I've never published a pattern before and don't think I could get anyone to pay for it anyway! Alternatively you can knit to fundraise if you've the time. Failing that, I'd appreciate help as I'm making some Christmas Decorations for the society and would be grateful for ANY scraps of green,red,cream,gold/silver (angels, faeries etc) and especially furry tinsel metallic fancy yarns. Also, if you wanted to knit mini decorations for your tree to keep I'd love someone to test the patterns I've written in different colourways (especially the mini stockings) to get a variety of photos and you can keep your knits. A good oppurtunity to have a go at a very little sock if you've never tried one before. You might hate my design and inadvertently design your own! I'll see you on Tues, let me know then if you want to get involved or visit, fundraising, Knit It pages to see/download free patterns for charity use. So far MagKnits, Castoff and BHKC have contributed plus others. Thanks for reading this. Erssie xxx

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last night - comment to come later

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rachel in NY

There is a message/comment for you on your last post as I didn't know your email address. Erssie

Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Gonna Be A Cold, Cold.....etc

Experts say this Dec-Feb is going to be the coldest one for decades. We may even run out of fuel and there are rumours of a three day week. I was most amused to hear that the British are the worst for being prepared clotheswise and that we suffer from cold feet due to innappropriate footwear. That means us knitty folk will be way ahead of others. They will be begging for our sock making, woolly jumper knitting skills. We can knit those Nordic type things we always wanted to try and have a good excuse for modelling our own hats indoors. I won't feel self indulgent wearing arm warmer, leg warmers, hat, scarf and mittens all on the same day. Of course I'll need a different colour scheme for each day won't I?


Friday, October 21, 2005

I think I figured it out

So I decided against buying these - my friend was like you could just put a pair of legwarmers over your boots - and bought 2 other pairs instead. But this gorgeous model bought a pair while I was there. AND have you all noticed the abundance of crochet everything these days. I was in some store in London and there was this crotched flower bag going for like 300 pounds! Look how hip we're becoming!



Greetings from NY

Hi guys,

Ooh, I so miss my Angelknits and it looks like you guys have been doing SUCH fun projects and outings and oh, I'm so jealous. That christmas pudding hat is amazing , I want one so bad. Can you guys post the pattern and I'll have a horrible go at it. and Sian, love the new jumper.

So, over in NY I haven't yet found a group, although I did discover that a friend of mine knits and we're supposed to set up a weekly knitting date, but that hasn't really happened yet. I keep hearing scary things about the knitting circles in NY - that they're really unfriendly and not nice so it keeps putting me off from trying them out, but I really can't afford to do that. I've only got a month (actually a little less) to finish off my baby blanket and I need encouragement. We've been having some gorgeous weather so I've been going around to different parks in the city and knitting in my bikini top if you can believe it. I don't think everyone else thinks it's as warm as I do, but after a London summer, I think it's warm enough.

I wanted to put up some pictures of these knitty boots that I almost bought when I was in London that I was telling some of you about but I'm not quite sure as to how to post a picture, so if one doesn't show up, could someone please tell me how to do so.

Miss you angelknits and thanks for keeping me on the mailing list!



Mailing list

Hi everyone

I've culled the mailing list. If you haven't received an email today and would like to be on the list please email the angelknits address.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Crafts Fair

My local town has regular, small (nothing on the scale of Ally Pally) handicraft fairs. Usually held in church halls in the centre of town. The next one is Sat Nov 12. Crafters can book a table to sell their work for £12 for the day. If you don't have enough to fill a table then maybe a few would like to get together to sell collectively. I've requested more info, let me know if you're interested. Erssie

The Children's Society

I was sorry to miss Angelknits this week. I wasn't well but I'm determined to not let this stop me next week as I really missed the inspiration I get from going.

You may have seen the Knit It stand at All Pally last week advising knitters how they may help to fundraise for the Children's Society. Xmas is a busy time but if you don't have time to knit for the society they are looking for original patterns from knitters who will donate them free of charge for others to use to make and sell items for charity. In return, they will list you as a supporter and provide links back to your blogs or websites. They are especially looking for patterns on a xmas theme as soon as possible with a view to publishing the patterns in magazines. They've asked me for my Christmas Pud Hat pattern,Santa hat pattern and holly instructions and I'll also try to come up with other xmas goodies over the next few weeks. If you wish to become involved the contact is Nicola Tel:0207 841 4485 or email They will require a photo and text instructions and will advise on formats for links and downloads.

Current wips = cream kimono and hat for baby, black and red biker beanie and bootiesocks sets, more santa hats for kids, boyfriend xmas sweater (I didn't say which xmas though!).

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Miss you Angels!

Hey All,

Was sooo looking forward to catching up with everybody this evening... but I'm stuck at a client's this afternoon and it looks like I'll be here till very late, so I doubt I'll have the time/strenght to come tonight... arghhh!

Well, I'll look out for the update in the next few days to see what everybody's been up to.

Missing you all,

Love, Anna xxx

October 11th meeting continued

On the left, a fantastic Xmas Pud hat by Erssie. The whole hat is knitted in the fruit pud brown colour and the white icing added on making it super snug and warm.

Nikki not only dyes but also makes fantastic stitch markers. Stocking fillers, perhaps?
Here is Sian in her own design, back and front. We may see this design for sale sometime soon.

October 11th meeting

Here is Silvia with her "I know this looks like a rectangle but really it is the back or front of a baby's boat neck sweater".

Nikki is the first ever person I have met in real life who has done KoolAId dyeing, results above.

Khanh is knitting a beautiful stole with Kid Silk Haze Night and gold beads. Please forgive the appalling photography, it is stunning in real life.

Ann is knitting.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Angelknitters at Ally Pally

Had a great time at Ally Pally learning stuff as well as teaching stuff... and managed to get some pictures of Angelknitters who stopped by at the Relax and Knit stand.

First up Brooke

Brooke admires Adrienne's knitted twirly scarf

Then two views of Anna's fabulous 17 year old finally finished cardie.

Anna's 17 year old FO - front viewAnna's 17 year old FO - back view

Then Anna S who was examining the kits that we were handing out to encourage people to keep knitting

?, Anna and Ruth

Another pic of Anna, this time with some fabulous bobbly thick and thin yarn.

Anna knits

... and finally, my twirly crochet scarf.

My crocheted twirly scarf

Yes, crochet. I didn't know how to crochet when I turned up on Thursday, and now I do. I can also now finger knit and make tassles.



Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good morning, Charlie

Hi Angels,

Here are a few suggestions. You can give me feedback by emailing me:
erssiemajor at yahoo dot co dot uk.

1. I have about 100 textile and design based books in my little library and would be willing to lend. Might start a members book pool of knitting related books that we wouldn't mind lending if we keep track of them and trust the member borrowing and get them back at short notice if needed.

2. Angelknits has so many fab designers and patterns of our own flying around we should make a compilation of Angelknits patterns with a view to publishing,printing, offering downloads ourselves. Novices could pair up with the more experienced to guide them through turning concept into actual pattern.

3. At some stage it would be nice to do a really big group project. Like a huge flag made up of one smallish square from each member or blanket for a good cause. After Xmas though due to impending giftmaking frenzy.

Let me know what you think even if its
2.No thanks.
3. Not really too busy.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And some fun

In a bid to let Brooke get some knitting done, Mandy takes Cyrus for a spin!

What we were making

Here is Anna with the jumper she started when she was fifteen. She very carefully sewed two pieces together on the train, with a group of not very subtle people watching. She then very carefully ripped the seam out and proceeded to sew the correct pieces together.

Here is Susan, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time tonight, complete with project and pattern.

Tuesday, 4th October 2005

Here we are! I think at this point Pilar and Brooke had already left but you can see most of us: Ann, Khanh, Lorie, Loba, Abi, Erssie, Susan, Anna, Lydia, Mandy, Nikki, Juli and Chris took the picture.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Aaah, that feels better....

Stash enhancement and life enrichment courtesy of