Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not been for so long...............................

Jem 1989 - 2006 RIP
Faithful Hellhound to Erssie and Stevie

Hi Guys

I really miss coming along, it has been ages since I did some communal knitting. I spent a lot of June in hospital, then slow recuperation at home. I am very grateful though to Abi and Chris and the lovely Ann who made the effort to come and see me in Barts on the days my partner couldn't make it. Abi had exams as well so she had every reason not to come but she did, and Chris came on his own when Abi was visiting relatives so

Thank You! Not really having any family in this country really shows up when something like that happens so I am very grateful to my knitting community.

Nikki, I'm sorry to hear about your fall, it sounds nasty. I had a similar accident at Seven Sisters once and I was amazed at the rush hour crowds just stepping over me after I tumbled as if I was baggage!

I've also had a very sick doggie (above on his last beach holiday) who sadly was put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I am still knitting a tiny bit (although missing chunk from arm has inhibited this). I still get lots of knitting work coming through though so if any of you fancy doing some knitting up of my designs either for charity (to be featured in print magazines) or for a fee out of the budget I get offered, then do contact me as I am currently hiring two knitters and plan to use more. I've got quite a few knitting adventures in the pipeline, but sworn to secrecy so will let you know when the 'things' are 'out'.

I am off to Devon tomorrow on a last minute holiday with my two friends (who modelled the G8 hats) Fiona and Alice. We are camping but I am still packing some knitting. Will see you all when I get back. Abi, I do hope I won't miss you before your departure! Is anyone going to Fruitstock festival on 5th and 6th of July? Do go, as well as music bands Kerrie/Hipknits have set up a knitting corner. I'll be back then, so see you at the knitting corner or the following Tues as usual.

Lots of love



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Must... not... let... it... go... to... my... head...

I'm in Simply Knitting again this month! They've featured my Web site in their August issue (page 77) which hasn't yet come out in the shops here... am dying to get my hands on a copy, but I guess as the subscribers have already received it I will need to apply some restraint for a few more days.

But, really, isn't this just superfantastically wonderful??? I can hardly believe it!!!

Have a wonderful day, Anna xx


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Not long now

In August, I shall be leaving London and jetsetting off round the world (Rachael: we're still relying on your sofa in April 2007). A few old friends dropped by to say hello. More pictures later.