Friday, October 21, 2005

I think I figured it out

So I decided against buying these - my friend was like you could just put a pair of legwarmers over your boots - and bought 2 other pairs instead. But this gorgeous model bought a pair while I was there. AND have you all noticed the abundance of crochet everything these days. I was in some store in London and there was this crotched flower bag going for like 300 pounds! Look how hip we're becoming!




Anonymous Erssie said...

Rachel, I knitted the Christmas Pud Hat. It's my own design/pattern and as you're one of the Angels you're quite welcome to it (but don't circulate it as I've done it really for charity use) If you mail me at I'll forward my pattern in a Word doc to you. Luckily just finished typing out the instructions properly as its going to be put up on the Children's Society website. The idea is that people will be able to use it to knit things for fundraising. I promise you its easier to knit the pud than it looks if you can use dpns thats half the battle. Holly and berries are done on straights. I'm also writing a pattern for a Santa Hat and been asked to other Xmas decs. Love Erssie

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