Friday, October 28, 2005

Children's Society Again

As I said before the Children's Society are still looking for Xmas knitting patterns, especially decorations. Get listed as a supporter if you have a logo or have a link back to your website/blog page It's good practice if you've never written out a formal pattern before. 1000 people have registered to knit, plus more browsing through the patterns. I'm doing it 'cos I've never published a pattern before and don't think I could get anyone to pay for it anyway! Alternatively you can knit to fundraise if you've the time. Failing that, I'd appreciate help as I'm making some Christmas Decorations for the society and would be grateful for ANY scraps of green,red,cream,gold/silver (angels, faeries etc) and especially furry tinsel metallic fancy yarns. Also, if you wanted to knit mini decorations for your tree to keep I'd love someone to test the patterns I've written in different colourways (especially the mini stockings) to get a variety of photos and you can keep your knits. A good oppurtunity to have a go at a very little sock if you've never tried one before. You might hate my design and inadvertently design your own! I'll see you on Tues, let me know then if you want to get involved or visit, fundraising, Knit It pages to see/download free patterns for charity use. So far MagKnits, Castoff and BHKC have contributed plus others. Thanks for reading this. Erssie xxx