Monday, September 10, 2007

*Waves* to the world...

It's been nicely busy the last few weeks, old faces are popping back out of the wood work. We saw Carole two weeks ago, and The Other Anna last week, as well as Elle, and last Tuesday, Choral Carol turned up, with a particularly bright sock OTN!

Both her and Lynsey are going for their first socks, and we all held our breath as Lynsey started her heal flap off!

I've also heard from Brooke@Yarnsmith, who said that as much as she still loves us all, she's now doing a class on a Tuesday... How dare the world organise such things to thwart the knit!

Abi wrote as well, she's back and looking to settle in Berks somewhere, and loved travelling the world. She won't be back to us anytime soon, but hopes to Visit around Xmas. :-)

If you are coming tomorrow, I think it is time to start digging out the headlights and little earlights again... as the evenings are drawing in on us (poo!)

See you then!

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