Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And some fun

In a bid to let Brooke get some knitting done, Mandy takes Cyrus for a spin!


Anonymous erssie said...

Hi Angels,

Here are a few suggestions. You can give me feedback by emailing me: erssiemajor@yahoo.co.uk.

1. I have about 100 textile and design based books in my little library and would be willing to lend. Might start a members book pool of knitting related books that we wouldn't mind lending if we keep track of them and trust the member borrowing and get them back at short notice if needed.

2. Angelknits has so many fab designers and patterns of our own flying around we should make a compilation of Angelknits patterns with a view to publishing,printing, offering downloads ourselves Novices could pair up with the more experienced to guide them through turning concept into actual pattern.

3. At some stage it would be nice to do a really big group project. Like a huge flag made up of one smallish square from each member or blanket for a good cause. After Xmas though due to impending giftmaking frenzy.

Let me know what you think even if its 1.No 2.No thanks. 3. Not really too busy.

2:37 pm  

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