Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Gonna Be A Cold, Cold.....etc

Experts say this Dec-Feb is going to be the coldest one for decades. We may even run out of fuel and there are rumours of a three day week. I was most amused to hear that the British are the worst for being prepared clotheswise and that we suffer from cold feet due to innappropriate footwear. That means us knitty folk will be way ahead of others. They will be begging for our sock making, woolly jumper knitting skills. We can knit those Nordic type things we always wanted to try and have a good excuse for modelling our own hats indoors. I won't feel self indulgent wearing arm warmer, leg warmers, hat, scarf and mittens all on the same day. Of course I'll need a different colour scheme for each day won't I?