Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well, it is the Last Tuesday of the month, so that mans at the New Rose, it is "Ladies Night"!

So, apart from coming for a Knit and a Natter in the light from the long summer evenings, eating some wonderful Pizza and/or some chunky chips, and grabbing a drink or two, you can also see the Vantage Clothes stall, the Tarot Reader or grab a Cocktail or some of the Chocolate Fondue.

As always, we kick off around 18:00, although I won't be able to be there until around 18:45, so grab a light and airy spot around the Front side with all the glass, and I'll see you later!


Monday, June 04, 2007

Photos of You!

Hi Angels, I have been contacted by Chloe on behalf of a photographer who wishes to to take some photos of clubs in and around London just for his portfolio. His name is Matt, and he will be asking the other Matt's (landlord's) permission to take some pictures of a small group of you knitting tomorrow night (5 June 2007)

Just out of courtesy really, I have asked them to approach each individual to ask for permission, just in case someone has a really secret project or a very bad hair day, or a piece of knitting that could bring them shame!

Hope that there are enough of you there to make a group. As always, I keep trying to get there and finding that my knitting projects keep me glued in one place and I can't get the time to come. The photographer will be able to give us a disc of his photos to use on the website if we like.

I am also applying for adoption of a couple of racing greyhounds, and it is like being a new Mum of anything really, a lot of paperwork and preparation before they arrive. I am going to start a hounds website , one of my new 'babies' has been abused and is very spooked by everything, so I am keeping a diary on how to unspook a spook to help other rescued hounds.

I might even bring my little spooky pet to the New Rose, if I have permission, and she can get used to people. She loves women and hates men, she doesn't knit.....yet. But, she has very thin skin and so will appreciate being knitted for.

Can't wait for a moment to see knitting people before dogs take over my lives, so will try to make it tommorrow but already behind on my Vogue Knitting project.