Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Knit a Natty Key Ring" Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

We received an invitation to take part in "Knit a Natty Key Ring" to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Victoria Else is a Breast Cancer Survivor, and has asked pretty much all the knitting groups in the UK to help her to knit up 850 key rings, which would be one key ring for every person diagnosed with Breast Cancer in one week in the UK.

She will then sell them to raise Funds. Closing date for receipt of keyrings is November 1st.

Further details and the pattern are in the "Knit a Natty Key Ring" PDF file.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

UK S'n'B day

I Knit are organising The first ever UK wide S'n'B day! Debbie Stoller will be coming over to promote her new book, and no doubt knitters from all over the UK will be there as well!

As a registered group, We can apply for 20 discounted tickets...

So, if you are a group member, and e-mail angelknitslondon@googlemail.com we'll put you on the list!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And a mellow time was had by all...

Yep, we seem to be very much back in the swing of things. Lots of knitting and nattering. 6 seems to be a good number for us, myself, Jenni, Lynsey, Anna, Steph, the return of Lydia and a flying visit from Ruth to cheer our day.

Next week, if the weather holds, I propose we camp out in Matt's newly opened "Secret Garden" area!


We have a GoogleGroup!

One of the things that has been mentioned in the past is that it is quite difficult to keep up with each other when we are not at AngelKnits!

It isn't exactly user friendly to leave comments for each other on blog posts, so, using the wonder of "Joined up Technology", we've set up an AngelKnitsLondon Google Group.

To subscribe to angelknitslondon, Fill out the box below!

What Email do you want to subscribe with?:

Google Groups Or just visit the group


Friday, August 03, 2007

Now... A Plea

Matt the Landlord wants to write an article about us for "The New Rosette" and to fill out the "knitting club" page on their website!!

He asked us about how we got started, and any other snippets we might have to give... So, if anyone remembers "The Origin of AngelKnits", please e-mail into angelknitslongonATgooglemail.com
and I'll pass it on!


Hi everyone

Haven't managed to get to Angelknits for the last 2 weeks and it looks as if I shall probably miss the next one too; but will definitely be there for the 14th. Haven't been idle though as have made 4 hats (for grandchildren), 1 bag (for me) and a scarf (birthday present for niece) in the last month. I am still persevering with my 1940s sweater which is becoming a labour of love and also making a 'throw on' thing from mohair as light relief!


It was jolly dee and lovely on Tuesday...

... as there were 6 of us. Anna and Italian friend, Elle, who we haven't seen since last year, myself and newcomers Lynsey and Jenni (who originally hails from LA!)

As per usual, we knitted and nattered and ate pizza in the sun.

The Pub is of course now non-smoking, and it is so nice to leave the place not smelling.

This Tuesday coming is Ladies' Night at the New Rose so there will be Tarot reading, vintage clothing for sale, cocktails and a chocolate fondue.

See you there!

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