Monday, January 30, 2006

Sell your Handcrafted things on March 11th

I will be booking a table at a craft stall run by a local hand knitters group in Borehamwood on 11 March subject to having enough things to sell. Tables are 75cm x75cm for £10 (or a double for £20). Items must be handcrafted and different from other crafters who have already booked tables. A table has been put aside for us to be confirmed on Wednesday evening this week and items I suggested for sale have been provisionally approved (this includes stitchmarkers). Please let me know by tomorrow evening if you wish to have a place on the table and you are willing to share the costs or are willing to pay commission to others if they sell on your behalf. I must know exactly what you intend to sell as well. I'm quite happy to do the majority of stall tending but I think we need two people really if possible (especially for loo breaks!). I will be selling my baby hats, biker hats and bootees and some Erssie Knits pattern kits (cotton silk hats with flowers, Christmas patterns and beanie hat patterns and anything else I have time to write up), possibly some bags knitted or crochet.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I take it all back.....Debbie Bliss/Designer Yarns rock!

I have just had a huge parcel delivery. My first thought was 'oh no' what have I bought now!'. You may remember me moaning about the dye run I had on alpaca silk and the problem I had getting an answer from Designer Yarns. Well, they have sent me 45 balls of yarn! 3 different shades of cotton silk aran which I am well pleased with. I can happily use Debbie Bliss yarns now without that sinking feeling. They have also emailed me to let me know they have run tests on the dyed yarns at different temperatures and say they have not found anything wrong so far, perhaps I just had a bad batch. Erssie

Monday, January 16, 2006

Knitted patchwork designer needed

Someone has contacted me to ask if there is anyone who can sew her brightly coloured alpaca swatches together to make a dress. If you think you can do this I'll put you in touch with her, apparently she is offering to pay for the work. Sewing is not my thing so I won't be doing it.

Missing you all, will be back to Angelknits tomorrow with new projects (have finally abandoned lace knitting, it defeated me, if anyone has any tips I'll try again)

Ann who I met in Body Shop in Enfield over the Xmas period, sorry I missed you last week, do come again! I'm hoping that you've had a go at knitting but if its not your thing we still welcome people who crochet and your skills would be much appreciated.

See you tomorrow

PS Anna, I'll be bringing the shoes if you are coming too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Last night

If you're still wondering who the man was last night - well, I'm not 100% sure but he claims to have interviewed us for German radio.

No pictures from last night, so if you want to post pictures of your xmas presents or current projects, go right ahead.

See you next week.