Monday, June 08, 2009

Last AK was a Blast

Hi Guys,

The Last AK was a giggle, Our Pub's Landlord (Matt) has just finished Varnishing teh Floors, so the NEw Rose was looking all new and shiny. Matt also said that for Next time, the Secret Garden should be lovely for us, as they are re-vamping it as well

Nikki was there, Knitting a Wormhead Orginal "Sideways Bobble Hat" pattern, Jude came back with her Debbie Bliss Wonderful Cashmerio Jumper, and we had a new lady called Laura who Currently Crochets, but is a beginner Knitter, owns Angora Bunnies, Shears them for Spinners, and wants to learn to spin as well!

Hope to see people on July 7th, which is our Next Tuesday meet!