Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Grouping........................

Angel Knits London comprised of Maggie, Nikki, myself and guest (BF) and Ruth. ruth brought some goodies along, this laptop is not up to me putting links on but do take a tour around for some newly dyed Wensleydale in sunset colours or greens/blues and other goodies. I bought one of each of the Wenseydale skeins for less than a round of drinks (which Ruth bought a couple of thus cancelling her profit!). I think I might try and felt it although a newsboy style cap crocheted has been on my mind for a while. Oh dear, so much to do, so busy and not allowed to tell anyone why!

Had some really good discussion with Ruth about design, she is my mentor (although I am a novice I am a bit older than her though). would love to see Ruth again, the weather is getting better and we are more able to see our stuff at the New Rose.

Nikki was busy trying her hand at crochet and seems to have mastered all basic stitches, increasing in the round, and increasing on a flat piece to cause a 'flare', so, what else does she need to know? With her felting skills she should be coming up with some nice little bowls and the like.

Maggie was working with rug wool and was making a hall runner in a broken rib zig zag pattern (sorry not good with stitch names, perhaps she will correct this!)

Not long until Abi is back from her travels (next month) and I am bursting to talk to her about loads and loads. Hope she is reading this, if she is, drop me a message from New Zealand. Do visit Kaikoura (good cheap hostel there near a seal colony) and do visit the Abel Tasman park and if you do Abi, charter a boat from Rod Stewart (not ,the, Rod Stewart but same name) who has a luxury yacht that he takes people out on for the same price as some of the other boat tours that are packed. He took two couples including us out and it was fantastic. I am so jealous of you guys etc. BBC has a Castaway series started on the island next to the one we stayed on for New Year, I do believe they have better facilities as well than us! Not exactly deserted, thewy could go over the fence and down the road for a cappucino if they wanted so don;t be fooled.

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Anonymous MayaB said...

I will definitely be there tomorrow. BTW Erssie, I've got quite a few newsboy cap patterns if you are interested.

2:40 pm  
Blogger Skinheaded Princess said...

I am so sorry that didn't come last time...why things always happen when I try to knit ??? Hope, hope, hope to be there soon....

7:44 pm  

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