Thursday, February 22, 2007

Introducing another new member.......... Maya Bing is coming to our group for the first time next Tues.

I, for one, am looking forward to having a Scandinavian perspective and seeing if I can pick up any tips for my colour work. (But I won't be showing her the back of my Fair Isles eeeek!)

Here are a couple of her WIPs
Please make her feel welcome, and here is what she has to say about herself

Name: May Linn Bang, I normally use Maya
Email address:on file, to share with AK members only
Area in which you live: North London (address on file)
Website/blog/page URL:
Textile interests: Knitting and crochet
Knitting or Crochet level: Somewhere between intermediate and advanced
How long have you been practising your craft?
My granny taught me how to knit when I was 6, my Mom taught me crochet when I was 9, but for the last 4-5 years it has become a passion.
What are your favourite types of projects? It depends very much on my mood, and how fast I want to get finished. After finishing a large project I prefer small ones, and the other way around.
Do you follow patterns or do you design your own items? Both
Have you ever studied for a qualification in a textiles related subject or worked in this field or been published? No

Do you or would you like to work on group projects in the future?
Would you be happy sharing/teaching a skill to new members? Yes, very much so.

Are there any skills which you would like to acquire from another member?
Nothing that comes to my mind right now, but I love to learn new techniques so I have to answer yes on that one.
What are your favourite magazines, books websites or craft links? I’ve just started buying magazines like Vogue Knitting, and it is a shame it is really expensive, because I can’t keep myself from wanting to see and knit all the beautiful projects in there. I have a lot of books, mostly in Norwegian and a long list of blogs and other links. Too much to mention them here, but if anyone is looking for something particular, I’m sure I can help.

How often do you attend Angel Knits?
Well, I’m planning to come every Tuesday.
How long have you been a member?
I just joined
Do you belong to any other knitting organisations?
I belong to some Norwegian web-communities, but haven’t attended a group before now.
What are your current WIPS (works in progress)?
Oh my God... Well there is the Pink Cardi, the Seablue Sweater, the Pinwheel Jacket, the Purple Dress, all being worked on at the same time. And of course some UFOS back in the closet which probably never will be finished.
Which FO's (finished objects) did you complete
within the last year? Some shawls, some sunhats, some bikinis, a dress for my daughter, a lot of fingerless gloves, more shawls, caps and the list goes on and on (I told you this is my passion).
Can you tell us about your worst knitting disaster? Well, right now the Seablue sweater looks like it’s turning in to a disaster, and I also made a green sweater once where the neckline ended up so wide that nobody (I really mean nobody) could ever wear it. But isn’t that a part of the knitting experience....making something really ugly and still having the nerve to start a new project? (BTW I never tell my Hubby how much I spend on ya

Here is a closeup of the Basket Knit stitch Maya is using

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