Friday, February 23, 2007

Member Intro: Nikki

Angel Knits London Questionnaire

Name: Nikki
Email address:
NikolaAnne AT purplekitchen DOT org DOT uk (Spam-free version!)

Area in which you live: South East London
Website/blog/page URL:

Textile interests: Knitting, Crochet, Dyeing, Sewing
How long have you been practicing your craft?: 3 years, 2 months!, 1 year, 6 years
Knitting or Crochet level: Very Advanced "Beginner" Knitter, Beginner Crocheter, Intermediate/Advanced Dyer, Intermediate Sewer.

What are your favourite types of projects? Small projects (just love those hats, scarfs and bags!) with BIG yarn and fat needles. / Not sure yet, I seem to get good results wiht thinner yarns for Crochet. not done enough to decide! / "Point-and-Squirt" Microwave Space-dye technique on Wensleydale! / Flouncy or Circle Skirts.

Do you follow patterns or do you design your own items?: I suspect that what I does counts as "freeform!" ;-) I started out followin patterns, but now I either "just knit" and see what happens, or take a pattern I like, and then normally use a completely different yarn, needles size ands scale! One reason I don't like garments is that I just don't want the hassle of "making gauge!

Have you ever studied for a qualification in a textiles related subject or worked in this field or been published?
Nope. Cookery is where my "hobby" Qualifications are!

Do you or would you like to work on group projects in the future?: Sounds like a giggle! Up for that, but it depends what it is. I've worked on a Secret Afghan for Liz from NW London KTOG group in Golders Green, and Blue squares for "knit a river"

Would you be happy sharing/teaching a skill to new members?: Oh gosh yes!

Are there any skills which you would like to acquire from another member?: Not thought about it.

What are your favourite magazines, books websites or craft links?:

How often do you attend Angel Knits: As often as I can, at least three times a month unless "life" is happening!

How long have you been a member?: I think its been about 18 months now!

Do you belong to any other knitting organisations? If so which ones?: Used to regularly attend NWLondonKTOG, but having moved Southwards in both Work and Home, the trip isn't that viable anymore :-(

What are your current WIPS (works in progress)?: 3 scarfs, 2 bags, some random crochet and the unpacking of a house!

Which FO's (finished objects) did you complete within the last year?: Some wrist warmers, a felted "boogabag" and not a lot else. I knit for the process and the fun, not always for the results. :-)

Can you tell us about your worst knitting/crochet/textiles disaster?:
Luckily, haven't had any :-)



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