Monday, January 04, 2010

Where did 2009 go?

In a flurry of not-blogging about the group it seems!

So, seems a good time to remind everyone that We are on the 1st Tuesday of every month, and that means that the first AK of 2010 is tomorrow!

See you there! Details are over there on the left, in the Side-bar.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Cresting the year...

Well, we are truly more than half way done with 2009 now (Where has it all gone!)

The July 7th AK meet was a giggle, Dave & Nikki knitted and nattered, Dave's recently got into Amigurumi so was showing off the Cthulhu he'd crocheted, as well as workign on a nice chunky-weight hat on Circs.

Nikki's Sideway bobble is nearly done, pretty much the last push will be made at AK tommorow!

Yes, we'll be there, knitting and nattering from around 18:30 tommorow, August 4th 2009.

Looking forward to it already! :-)

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Last AK was a Blast

Hi Guys,

The Last AK was a giggle, Our Pub's Landlord (Matt) has just finished Varnishing teh Floors, so the NEw Rose was looking all new and shiny. Matt also said that for Next time, the Secret Garden should be lovely for us, as they are re-vamping it as well

Nikki was there, Knitting a Wormhead Orginal "Sideways Bobble Hat" pattern, Jude came back with her Debbie Bliss Wonderful Cashmerio Jumper, and we had a new lady called Laura who Currently Crochets, but is a beginner Knitter, owns Angora Bunnies, Shears them for Spinners, and wants to learn to spin as well!

Hope to see people on July 7th, which is our Next Tuesday meet!


Monday, May 04, 2009

It's AK tomorrow!

Hi guys!

Just to remind you all the Angel knits is on this Tuesday (5th May)!

As always, on a table under the Big Front Windows at The New Rose, 84
Essex Road, from 18:30 until we want to stop.

Before we meet again after that,
Spitalfields City Farm annual Sheep & Wool Fayre
is happening!
Sunday 24 May 2009 12-4pm
free fun for all the family tel: 0207 2478762
sheep shearing, have-a-go crafts, refreshments, stalls,
The Annual Sheep Stakes & other competitions.

And after that, The Camberwell Arts Festival 20-28th June are looking
to have a turn up & drop in section to the Festival. we'll keep you
posed on that one...

Hope everyone is having a chilled out Bank Holiday, and see you all tomorrow!

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Just to remind you all, We've gone Monthly!

No big shake this week, as it follows from last week...

But after the 7th April, do remember that the next meeting is 5th May!

See you all soon! :-)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Change in Frequency to AK - We're going Monthly

From April 7th, Angelknits is to go Monthly.

I.e. We will go to holding AK on the 1st Tuesday of the Month going forward.

This Website will change shortly, and all other Sites we know of that advertise us will be notified of the change shortly.

However, if you are directed here from somewhere that is out of date, please do drop us a Line with the details of where you got the information, so that we can write and ask them to change it!

AngelKnitsLondon AT

See you all soon!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Progressing into the new year...

Last week we had lots of fun. New year, new people, lots of new yarn and new projects for the knitting.

Coming back into the knit is always good thing. :-)

Nikki finished her wristwarmers last week (although, she discovered as she put them on at the bus stop, that the beginning tails still have to be to weaved in!), but the grumpy Rowan Cocoon really doesn't want to become the Pointy skiing hat she's trying to make it into!

Rebecca was there with her thin-strip Kidsilk haze blanket project, which is progressing very well on those 10cm 2mm needles she made herself (gasp!), Annna with an short-row shaped scarf to compliemtn that berret and newbies Suzie and Louisa with a teacosy and blanket squares respectively.

So, we hope to see you all tonight, and of course, every Tuesday you can mange coming along into 2009! :-) We'd love to see some old faces again!

See below and to the left on the sidebar for Full address, contact and timing details.

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