Friday, January 12, 2007


Hey Angels

No new posts since 15 Nov and that was mine! I have been in New Zealand since 2 December 2006. I am back now and have a lot of paid work going for knitters to knit up other people's designs for a variety of publications. If you would like to share the work with me and get paid for our knitting then have a look on my blog Skeinspotting - A World of Erssie Knits at

Do let us know what you have been up to. If you are not familiar with loading up your adventures to this blog, then email me send Word docs and jpegs and I can load up your text and photos for you. We must keep in touch with each other and fill the blog with interesting things. For those of you with blogs and websites of your own, put up the links or on this blog or send me the blogs.

I am thinking about starting a visitors' book for Angelknits so that you can log your name and put down your contact details (not everyone has an email or blog address), current WIPS,FO's and any other knitting news on a Tues night. It will alleviate the problem of endless photos of people knitting without any text or info.

Hopefully it will help me at least to learn some names of people I speak to regularly whose names I don;t know or have forgotten. As a start, here is a pic of me, my name is Erssie.

Looking forward to seeing you or hearing from you


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Anonymous hackneyknittingclub said...

Thought you might like to know that The Guardian are doing a one off craft guide this Saturday Feb 3rd which includes features on (amongst other crafty stuff) knitting fever, best knitting on the web, how to knit basics, knitty gritty & tips for the needle novice. Well worth a look!

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