Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post-Xmas... A new year for new knits!

Hi Guys!

As Erssie says, there isn't much activity here! Mind you, I suspect this is because there are only so many pictures you can take of the same group of knitters, and it not get monotonous, and not that many people are "contributors" to the 'blog! If you want to get connected to the team, please e-mail Erssie, who will be able to add you.

Over the last couple of Months, Angel Knits has become a small and intimate grouping, so I'm wondering where have you all gone!

Now, I know that Shane and Abi are off traveling, Anna K went off you University, as did Julie!

But there are 35 odd people on out mailing list, so you cannot all have found other things to do on a Tuesday night! :-)

So, just to keep you up to date about what's been happening...

The group has been small the last 3 weeks or so,which we can partly blame on the Xmas Aftermath... It is February now, so no excuses!

Last week, we had visitors from NWLondonKTog in the shape of Jill and Natalie, a lovely new person called Isobel, Ruth, Anna, and me! I learned Spiral Crochet, we nattered, drank, ate chips and stated until quite late.

This week, it was just myself and another newbie, Clara. Both Isobel and Clara found out about Angelknits via a 3-week knitting class at Loop! which is all good stuff.

See some of you all next week I hope!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from an old angelknitter - I was there at the very first meeting with Abi and Rosie in Starbucks (so long ago now!), and came sporadically until just over a year ago. Having moved back to north London, I popped my head around the door last night, but finding noone there at 6.30 I was too shy to wait by myself and wandered off home again... Good to see you're still going strong though and I will try to make it back properly next week so hopefully see some of you then!

Lydia x

12:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah... I didn't get there myself until 18:45, must have just missed you!

I don't get to leave work until 18:00, so unless other people show, there is no "advance guard"...

Hope you maybe see you this week coming?


10:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just been told I've got work trips this week and next so won't be in London. :-( Will definitely try and make it soon though! Lydia

9:37 am  

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