Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who is going next Tues?

We have some new members and old who have said they might be going to our club night next week. Could you leave a comment to say whether you are going or not?

Also, I am going to an I knit club night. details as follows:

Where? The Phoenix, Cavendish square nr Oxford Circus so very central
When? 18 March evening see website news section for more details. Here is what G has said

After the fabulous night at the Old Vic in December we've been sorting out the next soirée for knitters and their cohorts. On Sunday, March 18th we'll have more knitting debauchery in the basement of The Phoenix, Cavendish Square (just off Oxford Circus) with live acts, music and celebrity DJs, plus Gerard's homemade cakes. Knitting in a club most definitely allowed!

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Blogger Angelknits (London) said...

As far as I can tell, I should be there this Tues night from about 7pm onwards. Only some sort of health blip will stop me from cming. Are you coming too?

2:44 pm  
Anonymous erssie said...

Oops. Above comment should have been from me (Erssie) personally and not Angelknits!

See you Tues guys.

2:46 pm  
Anonymous Maya said...

I definitely will be there!

5:43 pm  
Blogger NikolaAnne said...

I will be there, again from around 18:45. I don't finish work until 18:00, so can't get away earlier these days. :-(

Will txt a few of the "no-so-regulars" that I have numbers for and chivy them! ;-)

1:21 pm  
Blogger Erssie said...

Unfortunately, due to unmentionable health reasons, I am housebound for a few days so won't be at Angel Knits this week! sorry.

Last time I went outside was Sun 18th Feb!!!!!!

Thank God for knitting and textiles stuff eh???

12:40 pm  

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