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Thanks to Nikki for giving us her details. If you are reading this but can't post to the blog, just email me at OR and I will up a post up for you (provided it isn't offensive or SPAM)

Anyway, as I said before due to unmentionable health reasons, I won't be at Angel Knits but I know Nikki, new member Maya and possibly Maggie will be there tomorrow night plus others who haven't let us know yet.

I am hoping that my 'housebound' spell will end soon so I can get back to an AK night. See you next week hopefully and have a good night tomorrow if you are going.

Try to let us know if you are going by leaving a post on the blog or emailing me so I can put a list up.

Just so we have a pic on a blog to look at, these are my current WIPS and for animal lovers, this is Marnie Maclean's dog. Marnie Maclean also has interesting free patterns etc on her blog. See my blog for a link to Marnie and other crafters.

This hat pattern is available in the on line magazine
they are looking for submissions so if you spin, or write patterns and articles involving hand spun yarn then do contact them, see their website for submission guidelines.

Also, I have had an email from For The Love of Yarn on line magazine and they are looking for designs for their Spring issue of their online magazine. Even if you are a beginner, have never had stuff published, if you have a design you think would be suitable or an article on a particular yarn subject then do look them up and contact the editor. Their submission guidelines are available at their website

I will keep you posted on any other knitting news

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