Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An Established Member Introduces herself

Hello Angelknits

Maggie Peake is the 2nd person to fill out my members questionnaire but the first person who has said she wouldn't mind sharing these details on the blog.

Here are some WIPS she is working on.

Here are the details she has given me
Angel Knits London Questionnaire

Name: Maggie Peake
Email address:
Area in which you live: North London - N1
Textile interests: e.g. Knitting/crochet
Knitting or Crochet level - advanced
How long have you been practising your craft? More years than I would like to remember!!
What are your favourite types of projects?
larger projects i.e. bigger than a hat
Do you follow patterns or do you design your own items?
Design own patterns and also modify others.
Have you ever studied for a qualification in a textiles related subject or worked in this field or been published? Have a BA in Textile design. Sold designs via an agent.
Do you or would you like to work on group projects in the future? Yes
Would you be happy sharing/teaching a skill to new members? Yes
What are your favourite magazines, books websites or craft links? Rowan and free knitting patter sites. The V&A also have a few vintage knitting patterns on their website.
How often do you attend Angel Knits? As often as possible
How long have you been a member? About 18 months
Do you belong to any other knitting organisations? If so which ones? No
What are your current WIPS (works in progress)?
Have just finished a largish project and will be starting to knit a rug for our hall way when I am satisfied with the design.
Which FO's (finished objects) did you complete within the last year? Baby and children's clothes for my grandchildren. Toys. Project at Central St Martins using a suguaro cactus as inspiration.
Can you tell us about your worst knitting/crochet/textiles disaster?
My first attempt at lace knitting when I was 15 - just couldn't manage the increasing/decreasing AND the lace pattern.

I will store her details, make a note of the fact she is quite willing to share her skills, and the fact that she has a vast amount of experience too! We often chat about our ideas and I find her one of the most interesting people at AK. She is putting together a portfolio for further studies as well so she is a great inspiration to me on many levels.

If you want to view all members information, I will put a label of Angel Knits London Members Introduction on all posts containing our info and you can click on the label to get all members info so far. See also other labels such as etc at the bottom of posts because if you click on this, you should be able to view all posts which are linked.

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