Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm bursting to share...

...my new project.

I brought some hand dyed yarns with me to Angel Knits last week, and everyone loved them. Also, I'm sure that you all know I make jewelery standard stitchmarkers as well.

So, I've set up a proper professional shop to sell from:

I've got this setup in time for the start of the Secret Pal 9 swap session, so if you use the Checkout code SP9, I'll give you a 10% discount.

See some of you tonight!



Blogger erssie said...

Hi, I felt sad that our little blog was full of people bursting to share and no comments! With regard to the dyeing, we will definitely have to do a collaboration at some point i.e. you do a custom dye or spin and I use it for one of my magazine designs eh? Will have to be next year as I only have weeks now before I go to New Zealand! By the way, do you have shade cards from Texere Yarns? I imagine you would but if not, they have a wealth of undyed and untreated fibres, I've just purchased their complete sample card range of their stock. You wanna see? If you don't have could bring my file to AK next time. leave a message on me blog or email me.

6:55 pm  

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