Friday, January 27, 2006

I take it all back.....Debbie Bliss/Designer Yarns rock!

I have just had a huge parcel delivery. My first thought was 'oh no' what have I bought now!'. You may remember me moaning about the dye run I had on alpaca silk and the problem I had getting an answer from Designer Yarns. Well, they have sent me 45 balls of yarn! 3 different shades of cotton silk aran which I am well pleased with. I can happily use Debbie Bliss yarns now without that sinking feeling. They have also emailed me to let me know they have run tests on the dyed yarns at different temperatures and say they have not found anything wrong so far, perhaps I just had a bad batch. Erssie


Anonymous Annarella said...

OMG, this is what I call customer service!! :)

9:09 pm  

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