Monday, January 30, 2006

Sell your Handcrafted things on March 11th

I will be booking a table at a craft stall run by a local hand knitters group in Borehamwood on 11 March subject to having enough things to sell. Tables are 75cm x75cm for £10 (or a double for £20). Items must be handcrafted and different from other crafters who have already booked tables. A table has been put aside for us to be confirmed on Wednesday evening this week and items I suggested for sale have been provisionally approved (this includes stitchmarkers). Please let me know by tomorrow evening if you wish to have a place on the table and you are willing to share the costs or are willing to pay commission to others if they sell on your behalf. I must know exactly what you intend to sell as well. I'm quite happy to do the majority of stall tending but I think we need two people really if possible (especially for loo breaks!). I will be selling my baby hats, biker hats and bootees and some Erssie Knits pattern kits (cotton silk hats with flowers, Christmas patterns and beanie hat patterns and anything else I have time to write up), possibly some bags knitted or crochet.