Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Tuesday again!

Will defo be there this week, Although, I've forgotten to pack the Alpaca which Ann brought back from Texas to show Anna! D'oh!

See you all around 18:45, although, of course, the Event Starts at 18:00.
{Mutter grumble, having to work until 18:00 these days...}

Do grab the big table under the Chandelier. :-)

Oh, and here's some rather too dark pics I took two weeks ago...

Here is Vikki's Crochet...

And here is my saddest site ever, as regards Knitting:

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Blogger Kate said...

I've been meaning to come to Angelknits for about a year now. I'm definitely planning to come next Tuesday (am travelling for work this week). Will you be there?

11:01 am  

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