Thursday, March 29, 2007

It was ladies night...

Which means Cocktails and lots of people. Ladies Night at the New Rose is the Last Tuesday of the Month. They sell Vintage Clothes, have Cocktails & Chocolate Fondue and not a great deal of Room for us...

So, Myself, Ann, Maggie, Kate and SkinheadPrincess (So sorry I didn't catch your name!) sat by the open door, under the huge window, enjoying the last of the daylight and not being killed by cigarette smoke!

All very jolly. :-)

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Anonymous MayaB said...

I have a never ending earinfection which keeps me away from everything that is fun these days. I will be so upset if it turns out that I can't come next time either, cause, even with the lack of room it sounded as you had a lovely time.

8:27 pm  

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