Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Knitting Blog

Hello. I've got a blog. It will save me putting such long entries on Angel Knits. Come and visit me on or visit my website at where you can also access the blog. I will ramble on about knitting including community gossip,put up photos. and eventually put up my Free knitting patterns which are all ready in Word with full colour photos or in the archives of online magazines. At the moment the patterns of mine that are free are:

Beltane Flame Fairisle Adult Hat
A Maiden's Glory Headdress and Choker
Erssie's Easy Fairisle Beanie
Christmas Pudding Hat*
Christmas Tinsel*
Christmas Baubles*
Christmas Mini Stocking Tree decorations*
Bee Hat and Bootees Set for Newborn-3months
G8 Hats, colourful African influenced Fez style hats for Adult and Child
Under One Skein - one skein baby socks, can be knitted form practically any yarn

*Free for Charity use

Just ask me if you want a copy or link to the above patterns. I've also got a lot more patterns for sale from $2 or £1.50 per download.

I'm still looking for knitters, especially as I had an interesting and ongoing proposition from a publisher yesterday. Contact me if you can knit neatly to a specific gauge and your finishing techniques are up to a good standard for photography.