Thursday, August 17, 2006

Modern Arts & Crafts

Hello Angels,

Brooke asked me to post the following, which you might like to contribute to. Happy crafting!

Anna xx


Modern arts & crafts at 96 gillespie: November/December 2006

Dear all

We're starting to work on an exhibition that explores handicraft, both
within & outside the practise of artmaking.

Our thoughts are to look for artists & craftspeople who generally don't use machines, or who use machines in controlled ways, to produce work that requires a repetitive action. We're interested in modern spins on traditional method. But also on the traditional. Or on things that demonstrate or define 'craft' within or instead of 'art'. (let's discuss!)

We've chosen the November schedule, because it is indeed the beginning of the season of long nights & woolly socks. But as well, in Newfoundland there is an annual crafts fair in the run up to Christmas, that celebrates & promotes craftsmanship & craftmaking. It's a lovely tradition: seasonal & warm.

Do you know anyone who fits the bill?

Best, 96G