Sunday, April 16, 2006

11th April

Hello cheeky chappies, Happy Easter.
We had three newbies last week. Katies was resplendent in pink and chocolate. Laura was teaching Margery to knit. I knit a leaf. Jeanning is making progress on her Laura Harding scarf. See you next time.



Anonymous erssie said...

Next time photographer, could you edit out my pants!

5:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - y'all are so cute. (I was just in Texas for work, thus the use of y'all.) I wish I could be there knitting with you. I've been knitting on multiple needles for the first time and while that's not so hard, figuring out the right gauge is. I thought you'd be proud of me for progressing to something slightly new with my knitting so that's why I'm dropping it in.

Kisses from stateside.



6:31 am  
Blogger noblinknits said...

Hasty cropping of photo will commence!

Hey Rachel, well done you!

I'm so excited about coming to see you next year. Have you seen

She is in NY and recently did a list of good yarn shops. She also doesn't have any local knitting friends and also is very loud. Perfect for you!


11:13 am  
Blogger Angelknits (London) said...

Um, okay, the offending picture has been removed and I will pay more attention next time.

11:23 am  

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