Monday, March 13, 2006


Yeah, you're probably going to say 'oh no not a post from Erssie again!'

I'm hoping to teach some workshops in North London. Levels will be from beginner to intermediate and will include some materials to practice with.

It should include all the usual beginners topics but also intermediate subjects such as working with colour,charts,designing, crochet adornments and hems,basic crochet stitches etc. Groups will be approx 8 students and I will try to tailor the tuition to each student's needs although there will be structure in each topic and handouts

If you or someone else is at all interested in this please email me. You don't have to book at this stage, I'll just register your interest and then get back to you with more details when I've confirmed my venue and costs. I will be keeping fees very reasonable as I'm more interested in passing on skills than raking in profits.



Anonymous Maz said...

I am very interested in this class ,however ,i feel that I may be a little inexperienced as I can merely knit!I cannot cast on or off etc..
If this class is still suitable for me,please let me know.

2:21 pm  
Anonymous Abi said...

I think the class will be ideal for you. I'll ask Erssie to email you more details if she hasn't already.

12:47 pm  
Anonymous Abi said...

Doh, don't have your address.
Contact Erssie through her website.

12:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are classes still offered? I have absolutely NO experience but am interested!


3:44 pm  
Blogger Angelknits (London) said...

Hi Anne,

Angelknits isn't classes per se, but we will always help people to learn.

Please do e-mail us at the web address on the main page, and we will get back to you with more thoughts

If you feel you do need more structured learnign, we can always help you find a class as well.

12:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really want to learn to knit but have never really done it before at all. Would this be suitable for me? I'd be really interested in more details.

8:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. I would like to learn how to knit. How can i get the details about the 'course'

11:24 pm  

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