Friday, March 31, 2006

March 28th - bad blogger just lost the original!

If I sound grumpy now it's because someone with RSI in both wrists and arms and elbows really ought to at least save as draft before trying to publish blogs which then disappear into the ether.


I think I need a holiday.

Anyway, on with the blog.
I had a great time on Tuesday and did not want to leave, even though my dinner was waiting for me at home. Susan was back for one night only from Cambridge. I freak her out a bit with my knitting related disaster arms so she wants to knit more but tries not to.
Brooke kindly popped by with Giotto for me, Brittanys for Susan and tales of Cyrus walking for the first time.

Ann brought along her finished red alpaca silk shrug. Oh, how we stroked and coveted. She also treated us to a petting of some Nickerjac handspun she will be designing with. Ann's had a bad run of health lately so it was extra nice to catch up with her. The shrug will be in Magknits at some point and believe me, you will knit this and wear it till it is no more and then you will knit it again. It is so beautiful and soft and cloudlike.

Nikki and Josefina and Anna were engaged in a debate about the shaping of hats. Josefina's English and knitting skills are limited but she was beavering away and Nikki was scribbling instructions away.

Sian: Are you coming next week? Should I buy Simply Knitting? Is that your pattern on the front cover?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angelknits, greeting from NY!

As requested by Abi I'm leaving a comment so you know people are using the site. I love it, I always visit it to see what y'all are up to and to get inspired.

I have been a very bad and lapsed knitter these days. I did make a baby hat which was the first time I seamed anything which was exciting, but without a regular group I seem to always put my knitting to the side. Also, I'm in desperate need of assistance as I try to do new and more advanced things. Abi and Susan, I'm a lost knitter without you - without all of you actually to help me along.

I dream of moving back to London and all I can say is I hope Angelknits is still going strong when I finally move back.



8:23 pm  
Blogger noblinknits said...

Hi Rachel!! You're great and also I will be in the NY area this time next year and I'm planning to come and stay with you. Make sure you have plenty of sight seeing and LYS to show me and I will need to buy a spare suitcase to carry everything home.


xx Abi

10:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abi, I can't wait to see you in NY - of course you can stay with me when you come. We'll swap couch space for knitting lessons - sounds fair, right?

I've got plenty of shopping and sight seeing to show you, but what in the world is LYS? Is that some knitting jargon I'm supposed to know?

Knit on angels, knit on!

6:14 am  
Blogger I LUV CATS said...


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