Sunday, March 05, 2006


This is your last call to bring things on Tues night which you'd like either Ann or Nikki to sell for you on the 'Angelknits' table at the Craft Fayre next Sat. Anything knitted or crocheted welcome. Also too are your own designs typed up as patterns, 2nd hand books and patterns you no longer wish to keep or odd balls of luxury yarn you just can't afford to go unused. Please stick on a reasonable price you expect to get for it, the lowest you would expect to get rid of it and expect to part with 15% commission for those ladies who work hard all day to sell things on saturday.
I will post up the venue and times later this week if you want to come along. Of course, stitch marker and other notions designers, hand your stuff to us on Tues night as well.



Anonymous Annarella said...

Best of luck and have lots of fun on Sat!

10:43 am  

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