Friday, March 03, 2006

Knitting in Films

One of my favourite pasttimes before I discovered knitting was watching films. Not even different films necessarily; some films I have the capacity to watch over and over (e.g. Toy Story, The Fifth Element, Spaceballs, all very high brow).

Since learning to knit, and also to knit without looking, I've started watching films in a new light. Those of you on the mailing list might remember me mentioning this sometimes. Below is an abbreviated list of good knitting and crochet content in films:

Charlie and the Chocolate factory (2005 version): The bucket family wear a wonderful selection of handknits and Grandma Georgina crochets. The house is full of crochet blankets and towards the end GG wears a crochet hat very similar to the one in Legally Blonde.

Stuck on You: Very silly film which I find very fun and also, as the twins live somewhere very cold, some great fair isle and winter hats.

I Heart Huckabees: I've watched this three times in a row. It's only mentionable because Lily Tomlin knits in a scene towards the end.

I'm sure I'll add more as time goes by.

See you soon