Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lots of Old Denim going going going.............

I'm finally tackling some of the bags of clothes I've been living with. (My stash is taking up the wardrobes). I've discovered dozens of old pairs of jeans, some of them weren't even mine to begin with so you can imagine how old! I know some knitters like to use denim features as part of their knitting. See MagKnits patterns, I think there is one there that uses the waist of jeans at top of bag. If there is anyone that can make use of my old jeans let me know and I'll bring them in. Some of them are very very small, size 8 and under and not good styles so I'm talking about using them as part of your craft work!. That's why they have to go as I wear size 16-18 now! Fortunately I have also found some new bras with DD cups(solves the side boob problem discussed last Angel Knits, honestly we can talk about anything there can't we!) so won't be as droopy as usual but may have difficulty breathing.

Happy Christmas to those who aren't going to be there Tues, to the rest, see you then.