Monday, November 28, 2005

Any Old Swatches? Plus thanks to Susan Cropper for free yarn from Loop

If you don't have time to knit a square for the homeless then an old swatch can be helpful if you're willing to donate that. Nothing too small though as I am not a great seamstress and it all needs to be joined up to make a blanket. Also, if you have any woollen body parts, like an old sleeve that didn't get frogged or finished, I have ideas for that too. I might continue to collect squares as an ongoing project and then sew up as soon as I have enough so that there is always an Angel Knits blanket on the go. It may work to be able to make a 'scrumbled' i'e patchwork from anything for a blanket and could look very interesting made up of abandoned bits of sweater that haven't been pulled out. The only thing I have to insist on though is that it is all 'hygienic' as I don't have resistance to diseases found in very old yarns, garments or second hand books. got any jumble that would be cool as long as it is freshly washed. Many thanks to Susan from Loop who will be donating some yarns for the blanket project. This might persuade some knitters who can't resist swatching a new good quality yarn to participate! Thanks Erssie


Blogger NikolaAnne said...

Swatch? What's a swatch??? ;-)

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Annarella said...

Erssie, I forgot to mention it on Tuesday. I'm definitely interested in 'swatching' some new yarns for the blanket project. Can you bring some along next week?

Also, how are the squares coming along?

Anna x

10:15 am  
Blogger Angelknits (London) said...


So far for blanket project Loop have donated Noro Iro that Ann is currently swatching and Laines du Nord which is light dk I think in dark red 8 balls! I will bring along next week. I also have some odd yarns I can donate thta I'll never get around to using.
All swatches will just e an 8 inch square any yarn, any stitch, any colour. Anna, if there was a particular yarn you are dying to swatch for free then I suggest contacting a supplier and asking if they can donate it. I mentioned that I was knitting for the homeless to the person that sold me the Bigga and got 4 balls for 10 pounds and a sleeping bag thrown in! I'm going to try to get a better selection of free yarns for blankets next yr. At the moment would just like to get what we've got knitted up so I dont have to keep carrying it around otherwise will be bringing a suitcase every week.

4:23 pm  

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