Thursday, November 24, 2005

Please help me to help a homeless man right under Angel Knits wing!

I am a big softie and on the way to Angel Knits the other eve whilst I was sweating under layers of alpaca silk and Bigga, I met an unfortunate homeless man begging on the streets who has multiple illnesses and was freezing! I swear, if my knits had been any other colour than pink I would have taken them off and wrapped him in them! Putting judgement and cynism aside, regardless of his reasons for being here I felt he deserved a chance of some warmth and so I have bought some Bigga to knit him a scarf, I may stretch to a hat. What he really needs is a big fat knitted blanket. I have done six sad little Aran 8" squares(38stsx50rows) in shade Garnet in textured stitches, I need many more to make a blanket. If any of you can forget the reasons why he got into this state and be kind enough to knit just one square I would be so grateful. I've put a notice on the Castoff info board and I'm hoping knitters will volunteer to knit a square in ANY colour ANY yarn weight and I will sew the blanket together. It could be a chance to swatch, try a new stitch without pulling it out again, perhaps try some intarsia if you've never done it before. I can provide yarn in Aran weight,DK weight, Chunky and have a source for getting more. Please, I'd be so grateful to anyone who can find a bit of time to do a square, just let me know what weight yarn you need if you decide to do this. This is a good cause right under our noses in the Angel Knits manor! Thankyou Erssie


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's such a nice idea! I have about 1 million swatches which are cluttering up my flat. I think they might all be in girly colours though...

11:18 am  
Blogger Angelknits (London) said...

Don't worry about girlilness etc. Got the idea of collecting for one blanket and then when sewn up doing another one and finding a good cause for that one so its ongoing all the time. Have also offered free knitting lessons in the pub if the first project is a square, also intermediate lessons for people wanting to learn to draw and use graphs or accurate gauging and other skills also on to a 8" square. Susan from Loop is going to put people my way and she's got a bag of free yarn for me to use so it could be a good way of having a free trial on a yarn you wouldn't normally buy. I've also got loads of my own yarn although cheap and bright! I might even make the project a scrumbling one and sew sleeves and other body parts of old sweater projects that never got frogged or finished. All newcomers who want free lessons could be encouraged to do a square I think. Well, some SnB clubs have started chargin £25/2hr for such a thing so I thought I could at least get something done while I'm teaching. Of course, anyone who doesn't wnat to do this won't have to. Some beginners just want to knit a garment for themselves and that is fair enough. I'm also offering to take photos of squares in case people can't part with their 'swatch' or need it for stitch ref at a later date.

2:31 pm  

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