Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas Decorations

Hello just to let you know my Christmas Decorations are available as a free download on the Children's Society website to encourage knitters to knit for charity. Have a peek they can be found in the Fundraising/knitIt Xmas pattern pages on

People have been asking me where they can buy them. Perhaps I'll do a pattern for sale one day then! See you Tues eve. Had a break from knitting (well, a bit I just knitted more slowly than usual) but I'm coming back.

Wips - 5 Santa hats, 3 gothic scarves, 1 boyfriend sweater, 2 warm hats, and a pair of bootees for a babe (there's a song there somewhere if I change the numbers around).



Blogger NikolaAnne said...

I'm not gonig to make it over tonight...

Have fun without me! Don't worry, I'll do some knitting when I get home this evening instead! :-)

Or, maybe, now I have my banana hook, I'll take photos of all these yummy stitchmarkers, and make some more from my MASSIVE haul of beads! LOL

3:13 pm  
Anonymous Annarella said...

Missed you last night :(

10:22 am  

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