Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Is it Spring or wot?

The weather this week seems to be very confused, sunny one minute, then SNOW!!! It's lulling us into a false sence of security...

However Spring does mean that we are now sitting in the front part of the pub, where the big glass windows are, enjoying knitting with the natural light from the later evenings.

We've settled back into being a group of around 10 people again, and it's all very merry and chatty.

Also, the pub has a new chef that was awarded "Best London Burger 2006" and it's usual selection of good beer, wine and amusing bar-staff ;-)

So, see you all there!



Blogger Bellish said...

Hi! I just found your group. I've been looking for a group for a while and I can't believe you meet so close to where I live! Unfortunately I have to work late tonight, but if possible I will drop by to say hi. I'm definitely interested in coming next week though.

Hope you have a good meet tonight :)


11:23 am  

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